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  • Nov 27 2017


    Will your manufacturing company be pushed out of ecommerce?

    The Australian manufacturing industry isn't without unfortunate irony. For all the success that technological innovation has brought to it, some organisations are seeing those windows of opportunity shut before they can take advantage.Ecommerce is an excellent example, allowing small- and medium-sized enterprises to compete with larger businesses on an otherwise uneven playing field. But it's only a matter of time before the platforms with household names take over, and those that are lacking certain key qualities find themselves at a difficult crossroads.What the future holdsIt's difficult to predict what the next five years will hold for manufacturing companies in relation to ecommerce, but one way to gauge what's going on is by looking at the past. Consumers are slowly but surely turning towards online shopping. 

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  • Nov 18 2017


    Competing in food manufacturing industry isn't about luck

    All good things must come to an end, as the saying goes.If you're working in the food manufacturing industry, you better hope that isn't true. The sector has experienced unrivalled success over the past few years, but increased competition and rising energy prices could signal a halt in growth. Companies will have to review their operations in their entirety to understand where they can find savings, and perhaps how business management software could position them to prevail in the future.A look at the industryThere isn't an executive in the country who hasn't heard about Amazon making a move to the Australian market. The e-commerce giant is stepping into food manufacturing and distribution, and the new competition will likely squeeze small- and medium-sized enterprises out of their comfort zones.Maintaining success in food manufacturing isn't clear-cut.The answer as to how to maintain success throughout all of this isn't so clear-cut, according to Jeff Roster, vice president of research firm IHL."Everyone's game just needs to get tighter and that battle for the customer becomes all the more apparent," Roster told CNBC. "This is brand spanking new territory we're smashing through here."The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) believes innovation in the supply chain and changes to how businesses operate, among other new ideas, will be a foundation for many companies. This includes shifting costs to accommodate more expensive wholesale energy prices.Get on the right track todayOrganisational decision makers will have to draw a fine line between saving the enterprise money, and putting it at a disadvantage. There are only so many budget cuts you can make before the ramifications begin to impact the very things that made the company great in the first place. Improving profit margins doesn't have to impact your supply chain. Because of this, one direction to look towards in terms of improving profit margins would be internal operations. This covers aspects like stock control, inventory management or even bookkeeping. If still on legacy systems like Excel spreadsheets (or even pen and paper), an organisation could find themselves vulnerable to costly mistakes and missed opportunities in terms of productivity.Moving all the day-to-day routines to a business management platform can free up valuable time for staff members to cover other pressing tasks. Accounting, for instance, can be streamlined in a bid to cut out any potential errors, while also ensuring the company's finances are always accurate and up to date.Interest in learning more about how to keep your company competitive in a tough food manufacturing industry? Contact an Advanced Business Manager representative today for more information.

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  • Nov 4 2017


    4 industries that can benefit from business management software

    Sometimes it's the most costly digital solutions that dominate the headlines as must-have technologies for businesses.In reality, not every industry benefits greatly from robotics or augmented reality. While they can certainly be valuable, it's often the tools that aren't as trendy that can have the most visible impact on an organisation. Business management software is ideal for streamlining various tasks and making cross-departmental collaboration a breeze; two problems that small businesses can have big trouble with.Here are four industries that could benefit from a change of pace:1. ConstructionBuilding is on the rise in most parts of the world as the recent run of strong international markets has instilled confidence in both consumers and companies alike. This can lead to an increase in work for businesses in construction, but it's also having a negative side-effect. A lack of productivity is leading to slimmer profit margins for many organisations, according to Digitalist magazine.

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