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  • Aug 28 2017


    Help your sales team succeed with a mobile CRM

    It shouldn't come as a surprise that sales teams are no longer product-oriented.It's all about the customer in the age of information - meeting his or her needs is a larger priority than pushing the next line of products. The most effective employees will get to know their clients personally, rather than just as another line in the accounting software. But to support this shift in attitude, businesses must provide their staff with intuitive tools like a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform.Why the change?The digital revolution brought a major shift in corporate leadership along with it. With so many businesses now competing at a global scale, the key to larger market share now resides in winning the ground war: Providing the best customer experience.7.5 per cent of contacts are outdated every three months.The sales team is often on the front line of duty, making it imperative that they have all the information they need at their finger tips. But as we move forward in an increasingly mobile world, that becomes more difficult to do.Every three months, about 7.5 per cent of contacts in an organisation's B2B sales database becomes obsolete due to them switching jobs or taking other roles, according to research by Radius. This number jumps even higher when you consider what gets lost in-between being on the road, and having to input all the information when personnel get back to the office.Success moving forwardNearly 55 per cent of all sales people exclusively use their mobile devices for CRM purposes, according to CMSWire. Companies are beginning to recognise that this on-the-go mentality is vital the financial growth and are incorporating business management software platforms that offer applications like mobile CRMs. Sales teams are on the road more than ever, making mobile CRMs extremely valuable. The underlying benefits of creating this interconnected, portable trove of information are:Seamless access to product, company and consumer information from anywhere.Improved efficiency and customer service through data at their finger tips.Better cross-departmental collaboration.Rather than simply integrating a standalone mobile CRM, it's important that businesses of all sizes deploy an application that connects with every function of the office. Inventory and accounting data should be easily accessible through the solution - otherwise, it's creating more harm than good.As your organisation moves towards a more customer-centric business model, take a look at how it's supporting the sales team. They're on the frontline and need all the support they can get to stave off competition. Contact an Advanced Business Manager representative today to learn more.

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  • Aug 16 2017


    Actionable insights from big data require a powerful platform

    Big data is the new buzz term making its rounds in every executive meeting. Yet, unlike other initiatives, deploying and leveraging it on a regular basis isn't as simple as saying, "Get it done."

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  • Aug 10 2017

    What can digitisation bring to your small business?

    Growing a company is a challenging endeavour. It seems every organisation has more resources and capabilities than yours in the early going.

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