How an integrated e-commerce solution can boost your online revenue

23rd May 2016


The world of online shopping can open up huge revenue increases for businesses. Statistics show that in 2016, global e-commerce sales are forecast to reach nearly US $2 trillion, with the US alone being home to 205 million online shoppers last year.

Although entering the online business landscape can be an intimidating task for many, transitioning to an online business can be made easier by incorporating the appropriate small business management software. 

Be in control of your traffic

Advanced Business Manager includes a range of optional modules that can be customised to suit the needs of your business. The SPNet eCommerce module enables businesses to monitor their web traffic, allowing you to compare orders and clients to better understand your customer base.

This also allows you to monitor the type of activity and amount of 'hits' to your site, giving you greater flexibility in what you choose to market toward your clients, and promoting a more in-depth level of interaction between you and the customer. 

Give your customers something special

Customers love deals and bargains, and with an e-commerce module you can not only show a detailed inventory of your stock, but also provide special incentive prices to influence customers into purchases. Last year, online shopping giant Amazon recorded a monthly visitor figure of almost 190 million. Amazon has been a prime example of how competitive prices and ensuring your products are searchable can provide a massive increase to sales revenue.

Another great feature of the software is the ability to set customer-specific pricing, maintain previous order information and set multiple user logins, giving greater freedom to your business-to-business transactions. 

Speed up processing time

Reducing the time it takes for your customers to place an order and for the transaction to be logged and recorded can increase the productivity of your business. In the modern world, if a customer is unable to find what they want quickly, it's likely that they'll go somewhere else to find it, which means a loss of income for your business.

With intelligent business software, you can help your customers find what they need faster by listing products using an inventory database, displaying stock availability to avoid client frustration. 

The online shopping world shouldn't be a daunting prospect, which is why Advanced Business Manager has a smart solution for your e-commerce needs. Reach out and book a free demo to learn how our customisable accounting system can help you jump into the world of online business today.