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  • Nov 12 2015


    How can your business respond to global challenges?

    No matter the size of a firm, conditions, opportunities and threats in the rest of the world have a significant impact on operations here in Australia.Economic conditions affect the price of imports, the willingness of consumers to purchase goods and conditions within the domestic market. With this in mind, how can Australian companies utilise business management software to best navigate a variety of shifting factors?Survey shows CFOs sensitive to global marketsAccording to Deloitte, sentiment among Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) has held steady during the third quarter of this year.Increased dealings with China has lead to more sensitivity amongst Australian CFOS. While 47 per cent were concerned with the state of the Chinese economy in the previous quarter, this proportion has increased to 68 per cent. However, confidence in the European and US economies remains at positive levels.

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  • Sep 10 2015


    Harsh economy affects business confidence

    Australian and New Zealand businesses alike have faced a number of setbacks in August, leading to a major drop in business confidence.

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  • Sep 9 2015


    NZ government reconsiders tax systems

    Over the past few months, the tax system in New Zealand has been in the spotlight, as the government re-considers the effect of the current schemes on businesses.

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  • Aug 30 2015


    How will the GST reform affect your business?

    Hopes are high that a change to the GST will help level the playing field for Australian business in the online market.

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  • Jul 20 2015


    New report shows how businesses engage with technology

    Recent business IT data has revealed just how engaged with technology Australian firms are.

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  • Jul 15 2015


    Business confidence on an upwards climb

    Two recent business surveys have indicated that Australian businesses have an increasingly positive outlook towards the future.

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  • Jun 30 2015

    Budget helps buoy corporate spending

    Australian businesses have been keener to spend in the immediate aftermath of the May federal budget announcement, the latest Commonwealth Bank Business Sales Indicator (BSI) reveals.

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  • Jun 24 2015

    Leadership and competitiveness go hand in hand

    Remaining competitive is high on many company agendas at the moment, but just what tools do they have at their disposal to make this happen?

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  • Jun 16 2015


    Foreign investment could deliver business benefits

    Investing overseas could be just what the Australian economy needs in order to thrive, but it seems that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are failing to recognise the advantages. This is according to Bentleys' The Voice of Australia Business Survey, which highlights a lack of understanding the in the sector.

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  • Jun 9 2015


    Better employment prospects over past 12 months

    There are several key indicators that suggest how well the nation's businesses are performing, and their willingness to recruit staff is one of them. After all, if companies are in a good position, it's more likely that they will be looking to increase their headcount.

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